Agencja Reklamowa VMG Sp. z o.o

ul. Unii Lubelskiej 1, 61-249 Poznań
tel. (+48) 61 653 16 90
fax (+48) 61 653 16 92
Comprehensive advertising services

strategyof the brand and of marketing activities
conceptsof promotional materials and activities, websites
creationof slogans, texts, visualisations and images
designof logotypes, advertisements, leaflets, catalogues, POS materials etc.
photographyproduct photos (packshots) and image sessions
productionposters, catalogues, leaflets, tags, gadgets, exposition systems etc.
public relationsmedia relations, events organisation, sponsoring
internetconstruction and administration of websites, on-line shops
studiesquality and quantity studies
VMG outdoor sports marketing VMG outdoor sports marketing is a specialised team of people who have been developing and implementing marketing strategies for years.

What distinguishes VMG from numerous agencies specialising in sports marketing is that outdoor activities are in our central area of interest.

We have long-term experience in working in the field of marketing and advertisement for the widely understood outdoor industry. We know the market, the products and the customer - not just because we are customers ourselves. We intently observe changes occurring both in Poland and abroad.
VMG outdoor sports marketing:
  • Specialisation in outdoor marketing
  • 12 years of experience in providing services to various brands from the outdoor segment
  • Comprehensive advertising services (own concept creation and production base)
  • Cooperation with Polish and foreign outdoor brands/companies
  • Permanent monitoring of the outdoor market
  • Good knowledge of profiled media
  • Experience in developing and launching new brands
  • Adaptation of marketing activities from other markets to the Polish market
  • Experience in coordinating events and sponsoring
  • Own outdoor market study projects
  • Creative and responsible team
  • Partnership cooperation
VMG Advertising Agency The Agency offers a full range of marketing services.

VMG Print The printing office has its own modern production base allowing prompt completion of works assigned.

VMG Net A specialised company offering services in terms of Internet marketing.

VMG Production A separate entity specialising in the production of visual advertisement.

The team Companies included in the Group form one well-organised mechanism. People comprising the company are specialists in their fields, implementing numerous different marketing projects. The Group permanently employs over 50 people.